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Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil - August 2010

XIII International Congress of Acarology
Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Abstracts should be written in English, using "Word®" (saved as an rtf file), and contain not more than 500 words, including title, affiliations, addresses, the text and key-words. Scientific names should be in italics. Please follow the example provided. Notice that in case of more than one author, the name of the author presenting the work should be underlined.

Abstracts should be sent to, as an attachment,
no later than May 05, 2010.

Please specify your preference for oral or poster presentation; the organization of the congress will make all effort to attend your preference; you will be informed in case it is not possible to do so. Specific length of time for each oral presentation will be decided immediately after the deadline for abstract submission.

Each conference room will be provided with a projector for PowerPoint® presentations; please specify if you need any other type of equipment (it may not be available if not requested when submitting your abstract).

If within 7 days you do not receive a message indicating that your manuscript was received, please send a new message to the same address ( informing that.



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