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Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil - August 2010

4th Circular
XIII International Congress of Acarology

Dear friends,

We are now slightly over two months from the beginning of the XIII International Congress of Acarology. We are really looking forward to meeting you in that event next August. That will be our great pleasure!!

The scientific program of the event is basically established and can be seen at our web site ( Please check your name and see when and in which format (oral or poster) your presentation will take place; if you notice any problem with the way it is programmed, please let us know immediately. If we do not hear from you within the next 2 days, we will print the program as it now available at the internet, to distribute it to participants together with other congress material. Important information for poster presentations: the size of the poster should be at most 0.9 m wide x 1.5 m high.

A shuttle service from Recife International Airport to Golden Tulip Recife Palace Hotel and Internacional Palace Hotel will be available free of charge to all congress participants arriving at Recife on August 22 and 23. In order to facilitate this service, please send a message to, indicating your flight number and the expected time of arrival, but PLEASE use as "Subject" the word ARRIVAL.

In addition to the scientific activities, we have also programmed some enjoyable social gathering in that period. As you already know, we will have a Welcome Reception on Monday night (August 23rd) to all participants; you already paid for it when subscribing for the congress. We will also have a Congress Dinner on Wednesday (August 25th) in one of Recife's good restaurants (the menu basically refers to the Brazilian "churrasco" - different types of meet prepared the Brazilian way, plus a wide assortment of salads and other items; soft drinks, beer and water will be kindly sponsored by the International Journal of Acarology/ Taylor & Francis). To participate in that diner, please send a message to confirming your participation, and indicating to us that you will pay the value of 55 Brazilian Reais (about US$ 30.00) per person when retrieving your Congress material at the Congress Secretariat (at Golden Tulip Recife Palace Hotel). In that message, PLEASE use as "Subject" the word DINNER.

A few other information of interest to you:

a) Some participants are still encountering problems during registration while paying with credit card. One of the problems refers to inability to successfully reach page 2 of the registration process. In most cases, that is due to the fact that one or more of the fields of page 1 was left blank. Please put any letter or symbol in all fields; do not leave any field blank. Another common problem refers to the fact that the credit card payment is completed but the transaction is not approved and you get a message such as "Not participant card of the Verified by Visa (or the name of other credit card). We have identified that in most cases this is due to the fact that the use of the card is automatically blocked to avoid fraud, if a sudden transaction in a foreign country is verified by the credit card company. In this case, we suggest you to call that company to authorize you to do this transaction in Brazil. Along this line, if you are planning to use credit card during your stay in Brazil, we also suggest you to contact the bank before leaving your country and get a note added to your account to allow you to use the card here.

b) The official language in Brazil is Portuguese. English is NOT widely spoken on the streets, but most people will understand Spanish.

c) In both of the hotels previously mentioned, the main voltage is 220 V; a 110 V outlet is available in the bathroom. Be aware that the electrical outlet are not of the European style; that means that if you use that style, you should bring with you a universal adapter in order to power your electrical equipments.

In case you have any question about the congress, please send a message to us (


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