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Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil - August 2010
Hotel Reservation

Dear Acarologists,

The Hotel where our congress will be held was recently sold to an international chain (Golden Tulip Hotels). It is now called "Golden Tulip Recife Palace". As a consequence, their web-site specific for the congress is in the process of being changed; also, their e-mail address was changed. Thus, we advise that in order to pay the special prices for congress participants, you do not do your registration using their regular web-site available on the internet, but instead, send a message to one of the following new e-mail addresses: or

Some of you may have sent messages to the old address of that hotel some days ago. If you have done so and have not received an answer yet, please send a new message to one of the addresses mentioned above.

To speed the process, indicate in the message that you are inquiring about availability of room; specify the specific dates of arrival and departure, the number and type of rooms and the number of persons per room. Also, provide your passport number and mention that you are a participant of the Acarology Congress.

The special rates (in US$) are:

  • 1) "Apartamento Superior":
    S: 102.00, D: 113.00, T: 147.50;
  • 2) "Suite Junior":
    S: 112.00, D: 125.00, T: 162.00;
  • 3) "Luxo":
    S: 123.00, D: 136.00, T: 177.00;
  • 4) "Suite Luxo":
    S: 174.00, D: 193.00, T: 251.00.

Obs.: S= single, D= Double, T= Triple.
Tax (around 15%) is not included.

(sgi/ntsb, 6/8/10)





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