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The International Congress of Acarology (ICA)
is the major international meeting for acarologists in the world. It is usually held every four years (with one exception in 1970s) in countries selected by the International Executive Committee (IEC) of ICA. 

The ICA also compiles a directory of acarologists in the world. The most recent directory, compiled by Dr Valerie Behan-Pelletier (Executive Secretary IEC 1998-2002), was published in 2002.

The continuity of these two events is assured through the activities of the International Executive Committee.

Congress proceedings are published after each Congress, usually edited by Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of each congress.

The detailed rules for ICA are published in the by-laws. The original By-laws (1974) were published and the reference is:

ANONYMOUS. 1979. Rules for the International Congress of Acarology (ICAC). Pp. 737-741 in: E. Piffl, ed. Procedings of the Fourth International Congress of Acarology (Saalfalden, 1974). Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest.

The 1998, 2002 and 2006 By-laws have not yet been published in print.  

ICA News

The XVth International Congress of Acarology will be held in Turkey in September 2018

ICA Honorary Members

Based on outstanding contributions to Acarology

Honorary Lifetime Members
Yuri Balashove (Russia)
Michel Bertrand (France)
David Cook (USA)
Carlos Flechtmann (Brazil)
Don A. Griffiths (U.K.)
Gerald W. Krantz (USA)
Evert E. Lindquist (Canada)
Vikram Prasad (USA)
Reinhard Schuster (Germany)
Ting-Huan Wen (China)

Eternal Members
Gerd Alberti (Germany)
G.O. Evans (UK)
Alex Fain (Belgium)
Anita Hoffmann (Mexico)
Wihhelm Knulle (Germany)
James A. McMurtry (USA)
Maurice W. Sabelis (The Netherlands)

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