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Payments to the LOC
All registration fees are to be paid to the
LOC. The amount of the registration fee will be determined by the LOC in consultation with the IEC. It shall comprise amounts contributing to supporting the expenses of (a) organizing and conducting the Congress, (b) publishing the proceedings, and (c) inter-Congress activities (IEC expenses) and other functions that the IEC finds essential to achieving the objectives of the ICAC.

Continuing ICAC funds administered by the IEC

Credits. The ICAC fund may receive moneys from the following sources: (a) a part of the registration fee, (b) surplus funds not expended by the LOC for costs of a Congress (including publication of the proceedings), (c) sale of proceedings and separata when these are administered by the ICAC rather than by another publisher, (d) royalties from a publisher, (e) grants, and (f) gifts.

Debits. The IEC may expend funds for (a) operating costs, (b) assistance in publication of the proceedings, (c) publication of Directory, (d) assistance to LOC, and (e) grants to students and others for attendance at ICAC.

Management of funds
Funds will be handled by the IEC Treasurer, who will be responsible for reporting on the status of the funds to the IEC annually (via the Secretary) and to the CM at each Congress. Funds will be maintained in a form that will provide some income, but they will not be invested in any way that does not guarantee their security or that may interfere with the taxfree status of the ICAC. Funds will be held only in a country that permits the free inflow and outflow of local and foreign currency.


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