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Composition and officers
The IEC consists of ten elected persons plus the retiring President of the
LOC of the preceding Congress, who is an ex officio member of the IEC. The officers of the IEC are the Secretary and the Treasurer, who are elected by the IEC from the membership of the IEC. Officers are elected when the IEC is reconstituted at a particular Congress. An officer may be reelected throughout the period of his membership, as defined in below.

Election to IEC and term of service
To maintain continuity and functional efficiency, only approximately one-half (normally five) of the elected members of the IEC will be replaced at each Congress. Barring resignations or other losses, each member will be limited to two consecutive terms of office, after which the member will retire from the IEC by normal rotation. The duration of a term starts at the end of one Congress and terminates at the end of the following Congress. Nominations for membership in the IEC will be requested at the beginning of each Congress and received by the Secretary. Any member of the ICAC (i.e., who has paid membership fee or is registered with partial or full waiving of membership fee), regardless of presence at the Congress, will be nominated by the submission of the signatures of a nominator, a seconder, and the nominee, the last indicating willingness to serve. The list of selected candidates will be presented to the members of the Congress at or before the final plenary session. Candidates receiving the most votes by ballot will fill the existing vacancies on the IEC, with the proviso that adjustment be made so that no more than two members will represent one country at one single time.

Responsibilities. The IEC is responsible for conducting inter-Congress affairs and business and for ensuring that these Rules are followed by itself and by each other responsible body of the ICAC. Further, and more specifically, the IEC shall (a) conduct and supervise the election of the IEC membership; (b) receive the venue; (c) elaborate and transmit to the LOC the general plans for conduct of the following Congress, especially regarding scientific matters, publication of proceedings, equipment, etc.; (d) establish the programme of the following Congress with the assistance of the ad hoc Programme Subcommittee appointed by the IEC; (e) establish the programme of the plenary sessions; (f) account to the Congress membership for its activities at a plenary session; (g) handle Congress funds (exclusive of those managed by the LOC), decide on expenditures, and report to the Congress on fiscal matters; (h) establish the membership fee; and (i) sponsor the Directory (Acarologists of the World) to be published at regular intervals.


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